WVGO 6/7/14 Results

First, I want to thank all of the great competitors and teams who made this event and amazing success.  As always, this event is not possible with all of you great people.

Next tournament is 8/16/14 in Charleston, WV (State Championship)!

No Gi Divisions

Kids 8-10 

1. Jayah Corley (Moundsville/ Hiles BJJ)

2. Bailey Lemasters

3. Maverick

Kids 10-12

1. Jacob Smithson (Buckhannon BJJ)

2. Jacob Rannenberg (GZFS)

3. Caden Reyes (GZFS)

Mens No Gi Beginner


1. Chance Tolley (Hiles BJJ)

2. Matthew Haid (Gurgel)

3. Jason MIller (Gurgel)


1. Nathan Tuston (Moundsville/ HIles BJJ))

2. Keelen Hinton (Gurgel)


190 and Above

1. Kyle Holcomb (Junquiera)

2. Josh Armstead (Dawghouse)

Mens No Gi Intermediate


1. Jonathan Rowh (GZFS)

2. Aaron Kinser (Dawghouse)

3. Michael Mobley (Hiles BJJ)

Mens No Gi Advanced

1. Cody Sole (Diego)

2. Jim Tinney (Hiles BJJ)

3. Jonathan Rowh (GZFS)

Mens No Gi Beginner MASTERS

195 and Above

1. Michael Talbot (Ribiero)

2. Charlie See (Gurgel)

Gi Divisions

Kids Gi 6-8

1. Caden Reyes

2. Jayah Corley (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

Kids 10-12 79.1 and Above

1. Jacob Smithson (Buckhannon BJJ)

2. Jacred Probst (Buckhannon BJJ)

3. Jacon Rannenberg (GZFS)

Adult Men Gi Divisions

White Belt


1. Chance Tolley (Hiles BJJ)

2. Matthew Haid (Gurgel)

3. Jason Miller (Gurgel)


1. Jonathan Rowh (GZFS)

2. Keelon Hinton (Gurgel)


1. Kyle Holcomb (Junquiera)

2. Charlie See (Gurgel)

MASTERS White Belt


1. Michael Talbott (Saulo)

2. Charlie See (Gurgel)

Adult Men Blue Belt


149 and Under


1. Chad Rector


2. Bobby Bailey (Hiles BJJ)

165 lbs. to 179.9 lbs.

1. Kevin McLachlan (Junquiera)

2. Michael Mobley (Hiles BJJ)

180 lbs. to 194.9 lbs.

1. Jeff Breeden (Saulo)

2. Cody Sole (Diego)


1. Kevin McLachlan (Junquiera)

2. Chad Rector (Gurgel)

Adult Men Purple Belt


1. Jim Tinney (Hiles BJJ)

2. Ron Jacobs (Hiles BJJ)

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Hello Mr Hiles, I am Thomas Sisemore’s father. I’m sure you recall spending a few minutes with my son during the day at Saturday’s WVGO Breast Cancer Benefit. Anyway, I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for the manner in which the event was conducted. From the people who attended to the ethical grappling to the manner in which you and your family managed the event, it reminded me of when I was a boy in Texas competing in outdoor motocross in the late 70’s. Everyone there was the…
Bill Sisemore

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