WVGO 3/22/14 Results

First, I want to thank all of the great competitors and teams who made this event and amazing success.  We had a couple hundred competitors who gave it their all and some great refs and helpers that made this one of the best events yet.  As always, this event is not possible with all of you great people.

Next tournament is 5/3/14 in Bluefield, VA

Advanced No Gi 170 and up (Cash Division)

1. Manuel Lopez (Gurgel)

2. Jeff Courtney (Body Armor)

3. Josh Cole (MOV BJJ))/Jacob Hickman (Cobra MMA)

Advanced No Gi Under 170 (Cash Division)

1. Cameron Knight (Gurgel)

2. Thomas Uylenbroek (Gurgel)

3. Corey Wamsley (Body Armor)/ Shane Mercer (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

No Gi Divisions

Kids 6-8 

1. Camden Wiese (Luiz)

2. Brayden Wiese (Luiz)

3. Jayah Corley (Moundsville/ Hiles BJJ)

Kids 9-11 Beginner

1. Jason Evans (Booshay/Hiles BJJ)

2. Jake Nagy (JDCA)

3. Evan Davis/ Lakoda Lantz

Kids 9-11 

1. Jacob Rannenberg (GZFS)

2. Tyler Wiese (Luiz)

3. Evan Davis (GZFS)

Kids/Teens 12-14 Beginner

1. Devon Willis (Outlaw)

2. Matthew Dotson (JDCA)

Kids/Teens 12-14

1. Tanner Grimmett (JDCA)

2. Gabriel Price (Hiles BJJ)

3. Kasen Woody (Body Armor)

Teens 15-17 Beginner

1. Hunter Meude (Gurgel)

2. Allen Paugh

3. Michael Altizer (Booshay/Hiles BJJ)

Teens 15-17 Intermediate

1. Bobby Bailey (Booshay/Hiles BJJ)

2. Isaiah Estabrook (Hiles BJJ)

3. Cody Riehl

Teens 15-17 Advanced

1. Bobby Bailey (Booshay/Hiles BJJ)

2. Jacob Carder (Outlaw)

Teens 15-17 Female

1. Sammi Roberts (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

2. Loisa Smith (Cobra MMA)

3. Hanna Fuller (Cobra MMA)

Mens No Gi Beginner


1. Austin Linger (Body Armor)

2. John Page (Hiles BJJ)

3. Nathan Tustin (Moundsville/Hiles)

195 and Above

1. Brandon Howard (Bluegrass)

2. Scott Ripley (Hiles BJJ)

3. Sam Dorsey (Hiles BJJ)

210 and Above

1. Robert Tassen (GZ Huntington)

2. Shawn Murphy (Moundsville/Hiles)

Women’s No-gi 135 and Under

1. Sammi Roberts (Moundsville/ HIles BJJ)

2. Amanda Grimmett (Hiles BJJ)

Mens No Gi Intermediate

149 and Below

1. Alex Martin (GZ)

2. Shane Mercer (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)


1. Tommy Burton (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

2. Christopher Burrell (WV MMA)


1. Jeff Bentley (Hiles BJJ)

2. Jacob Mills (Body Armor)

225 and Above

1. Jeff Bentley (Hiles BJJ)

2. Jacob Hickman (Cobra MMA)

3. Shawn Perry (GZFS)

Mens No Gi Advanced

1. Josh Cole (Mov BJJ)

2. Jim Tinney (Hiles BJJ)

3. Chase Bowling (Cobra MMA)

Mens No Gi Beginner MASTERS

180 and Above

1. Michael Talbot (Ribiero)

2. James Jenkins (Hiles BJJ)

3. Robert Tassen (Gurgel)

Mens No Gi Advanced MASTERS

225 and Above

1. Gary McConiley (Gurgel)

2. Shawn Perry (GZFS)

Gi Divisions

Kids Gi 6-8

1.  Camdon Wiese (Luiz)

2.  Jayah Corley (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

3. Brayden Wiese (Luiz)

Kids 9-11 Under 110

1. Jared Probst (Buckhannon JJ)

2. Jason Evans (Booshay/Hiles BJJ)

Kids 9-11 Over 110

1. Evan Davis (GZFS)

2. Lakoda Lantz (Body Armor)

Kids 9-11 Combined

1. Jared Probst (Buckhannon JJ)

2. Evan Davis (GZFS)

Kids 9-11 Yellow Belt Under 80lbs

1. Jacob Rannenberg (GZFS)

2. Tyler Wiese (Luiz)

Kids 9-11 Yellow Belt Over 80

1. Jake Nagy (JDCA)

Kids 9-11 Yellow Belt Combined

1. Jake Nagy (JDCA)

2. Jacob Rannenberg (GZFS)

3. Tyler Wiese (Luiz)

Teen 12-14 

1. Tanner Grimmett (JDCA)

2. Jacob Smithson (Buckhannon JJ)

3. Gabriel Price (Hiles BJJ)

Teen Gi 14-17 Beginner (Female)

1. Arieana Green (Hiles BJJ)

2. Louisa Smith (Cobra MMA)

3. Sammi Roberts (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

Teen Gi 15-17 Beginner

1. Hunter Meude (Gurgel)

2. Jacob Carder (Outlaw)

3. Michael Altizer/ Allen Paugh (Booshay/Hiles BJJ)

Adult Men Gi Divisions

White Belt

149 and Under

1. Alex Martin

2. John Page (Hiles BJJ)


1. Corey Wamsley (Body Armor)

2. Chris Burerell (WV MMA)

3. Austin Linger (Body Armor)


1. Jacob Mills (Body Armor)

2. James Jenkins (Hiles BJJ)

3. Josh Powers (Ribiero)


1. Robert Tassen (Gurgel)

2. Chris Hardy (Hiles BJJ)

225 and Above

1. Shawn Perry (GZFS)

2. Jacob Hickman (Cobra MMA)

3. Shawn Murphy (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

MASTERS White Belt


1. Tyler Jones (Zack Wilds)

2. John Arthur (Ribiero)


1. Ian Kline (WV MMA)

2. Michael Talbolt (Ribiero)

3. James Jenkins (Hiles BJJ)

Adult Men Blue Belt

165 lbs. to 179.9 lbs.

1. Brandon Harris (Hiles BJJ)

2. Tommy Burton (Moundsville/Hiles BJJ)

3. Jason Arbelo (Hiles BJJ)


1. Chad Marsh (Body Armor)

2. Nathan Hedrick (Gurgel)

3. Jeff Courtney (Body Armor)

Adult Men Purple Belt


1. Jim Tinney (Hiles BJJ)

2. Chase Bowling (Cobra MMA)

Cruiser weight

1. Adam Hager (Gurgel)

2. Gary McConily (Gurgel)

3. Josh Cole (Cobra MMA)


1. Gary McConnily (Gurgel)

2. Josh Cole (MOV BJJ)

3. Chase Bowling (Cobra MMA)

MASTERS Purple Belt

160 and Under

1. Thomas Uylenbroek (Gurgel)

2. Jim Tinney (Hiles BJJ)

Women’s Divisions

White Belt

1. Amanda Grimmett (Hiles BJJ)

2. Tiffany Henson (Gurgel)

Team Champions

1. Butch Hiles BJJ

2. Jorge Gurgel

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I have to say live music, beach volleyball, 4wheelers, jetski races and GRAPPLING man what a good time!!! You put on another great event a lot of fun and a lot of skills!! great matches all day!!!
Moundsville Martial ArtsGym OwnerMoundsville, WV

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