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“Mr. Hiles I would like to thank you for bringing grappling to the Bluefield area. I’m sure the other grapplers in the area are appreciative as well, seems everyone had a great time. I sure hope you hold more events in the area. Thanks!”
Devon Bailey

Previous Event Photos

5x3.88    WVgames5      Arienna  Green, 10, of South Charleston takes down Ashton Francis, 9, of Morgantown during competition in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Magic Island Saturday as part of the West Virginia Games.      Photo by chris dorst teamabkjtourn unnamed unnamed (4) unnamed (14) unnamed (21) unnamed (33) unnamed (51) unnamed (82)

Reigning State BJJ Champions

2009 Butch Hiles BJJ
2010 GZFS
2011 Butch Hiles BJJ
2012 GZFS
2013 GZFS
2014 Ground Zero Huntington
2015 Team SAS
2016 Ground Zero Huntington