8/9/03 WV’s First BJJ Tournament (Charleston, WV)


11/13/04 – US Belt Championships (Akron, Ohio)


4/30/05 – The Return to WV (Charleston, WV)


February 11, 2006 – Valetine’s Day Bash  (Charleston, WV)

5/6/06 – Tri-Sate Championship (Parkersburg, WV)


7/30/08 No Gi Only In-House Tournament (Charleston, WV)


5/30/09 Butch Hiles BJJ Invitational (Charleston, WV)

 2009 WV State Grappling Championships (Charleston, WV)


2/20/10 WVGO (Charleston, WV)

2010 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)


3/26/11 WVGO Hoover (Elkview, WV)

8/6/11 In-House Tournament (Charleston, WV)

2011 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)


 3/24/12 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

9/1/12 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)

12/1/12 WVGO (Elkview, WV)


3/23/13 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

4/20/13 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

6/1/13 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

8/17/13 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)

9/28/13 WVGO Submission Only for Charity (Chapmanville, WV)

10/12/13 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

12/7/14 ADCC/WVGO US Nationals (Charleston, WV)


3/22/14 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

5/3/14 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

6/7/14 WVGO Herbert Hoover (Elkview, WV)

8/16/14 WV State Championships (Charleston, WV)

10/11/14 WVGO Submission Only (Bluefield, VA)

12/6/14 ADCC/WVGO US Nationals (Charleston, WV)


3/21/15 WVGO Elk Middle (Elkview, WV)

6/13/15 WVGO Charleston

8/15/15 WV State Championship (Charleston, WV)


 3/19/16 WVGO Elk Middle (Elkview, WV)

6/11/16 ADCC Nationals (Charleston, WV)

8/20/16 WV State Championship (Charleston, WV)

10/8/16 WVGO Graham High School (Bluefield, VA)


4/1/17 WVGO Elk Middle (Elkview, WV)

6/10/17 ADCC Nationals (Charleston, WV)

8/19/17 WV State Championship (Charleston, WV)

9/16/17 EBI Submission Only (Charleston, WV)


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My daughter competed in her second tournament at the WV Grappling Open on 3/23/13. She had a great time. She had a couple of tough matches that helped her understand just how tough she really is. She is a student of Jeb Tonkin, at Ground Zero in Bridgeport. I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity for her to find out something about herself.
Stephanie BaileyGround ZeroMorgantown, WV

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